Daily Prompt: Happy Endings

Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?


I am hopelessly, horribly addicted to Dr. Pepper. I

Dr Pepper

really don’t know what it is about the stuff. I mean, I like the taste of it and as an insomniac I’m never opposed to a little extra caffeine.

At the same time, I hate being addicted to the stuff. I’ve already gained a lot of weight because of it, and not to mention it’s terrible for my teeth. I get twitchy if I haven’t had any, and I have honest to god withdrawals. I hate feeling dependent on it.

I’ve tried to quit several times now, in various ways. Sometimes I go for the cold turkey approach, sometimes I go for the gradual let-down. They all work to varying degrees.

The most recent time I tried to quit (apart from my current attempt) I cut myself off cold turkey. I managed to make it six months without slipping up, and during that time I lost seventeen pounds. Then I took a new job that reversed my hours on me and I started drinking soda again to keep myself awake.

At the moment I’m trying to quit again, this time by the gradual method. So far I’ve managed to cut my Dr. Pepper consumption down to about 1/8th of what I used to drink in a day so I’m feeling pretty good. We’ll see how well it actually works…

For now, I’m going to finish drinking my soda.

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30 Random Facts

So I’ve been posting here for a week or so now and I released that I haven’t actually introduced myself. Here’s thirty facts about me: old-school Myspace style survey questions type facts.

  1. My name is Nicole Anne Simpson, although I never answer to Nicole. Call me Nicki. I was named Nicole after a character from my mom’s favourite soap opera at the time, and Anne is the middle name I share with both my mum and my maternal grandmother. Online I mostly go by my pen name Anne Neilsen, the story behind which is long and complicated, but the short is that it’s family names.

  2. I am twenty-four years old and my birthday is the 19th of August. If you’re into zodiacs that makes me a Leo, but I always take those sort of things with a grain of salt.

  3. I have lived my entire life in Utah, a fact I’m not proud of in the slightest but don’t have the finances to rectify. My family lived in West Valley, which is pretty much the Utah equivalent of “the hood,” until I was ten years old. After that we moved from the city out to a very, very little cow town called Grantsville, where they still live now. And yes, I live in their basement. I’m poor.

  4. Physically, I’m five-foot-eight and weigh more than I ought to.

  5. My hair is naturally a rather bland shade of brown, although I’ve taken to dyeing it every few months since getting out of high school. At the moment it’s currently my favourite shade of so-dark-brown-it’s-nearly-black.

  6. Depending on the day, my eyes are anything from bright green to very dark brown.

  7. I used to have enough boobs for three women, but I recently just went through a reduction surgery and I’m finally built more like a normal person. Hurrah for science!

  8. My favourite colour is silver. Don’t give me that look, silver is too a colour. It’s a crayon colour after all. But if you won’t accept that, then my other favourite colour is blue.

  9. My favourite animal is the white siberian tiger, closely followed by sea otters and penguins.

  10. I love animals and having pets, most likely because I’ve been raised in a house that has always had more animals than people. At the moment, the family has a combination of four dogs, four cats, five chinchillas, two pygmy goats, and about ten fish. Only one of those is mine, a seven-month-old Welsh Corgi puppy named Hermione Jean.

  11. I’m technically single, although I’m not looking for anything right now. I kind of sort of have a long distance thing going, I think, but it’s not something that’s been given labels. I’m fine with that anyway, I’m bad at dating. Like really bad.

  12. My greatest passion in life is writing. I’ve been writing since I was ten, and I finished my first novel at thirteen. It was terrible. I still have it on a shelf up in the back of the closet.

  13. I graduated from Grantsville High, have an Associate of the Arts degree in English Language and Literature from College of Eastern Utah, and I’m halfway through a Bachelor’s in English.

  14. My top five favourite movies of all time are TRON, Inception, How to Train Your Dragon, Warm Bodies, and The Muppet Movie (the original one.)

  15. I currently work as an overnight city government paper pusher. It’s not my dream job but it’s great for being a student because it gives me eight hours a night to do homework and chill. And write blog posts. I plan to work as an editor in a publishing firm after school until I can publish novels of my own.

Hmm, okay, these are all boring facts. Let’s spice this up, talk about more interesting things.

  1. I have an addiction to Converse sneakers. And Dr. Pepper. And Oreos. And the internet.

  2. I think the sexiest thing on the planet is a man in sneakers and a cardigan, especially if he’s wearing nerdy-specs. Mmm, tasty.

  3. I own about seventy pairs of socks, none of them white. They are colourful, patterned, anything but plain white boringness.

  4. I have a lot of random phobias: snakes, open heights, the creepy possessed children that show up in horror movies, marionette and porcelain and ventriloquist dolls, chickens, dialing phone numbers, street grates…  I only understand about half of them.

  5. I have a tattoo of three stars on my right foot in memory of my grandma, great-grandma, and great-grandfather. I plan to get several more, including a couple Harry Potter themed ones because I’m a nerd.

  6. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be London, England.

  7. I have a secret dream of being a stand-up comedian, although it’s more than slightly dampened by my incredible stage fright.

  8. Part of me doesn’t truly believe in marriage. I just so rarely see functional and lasting marriages in my life and it’s made me sceptical, I guess. My idea of a perfect relationship is basically best-friends-with-benefits.

  9. I hate cauliflower. Like with a passion. I dunno what it is, but I do.

  10. Christmas makes me irrationally happy. Like little kid in a candy shop with no spending limit happy. I don’t really believe in the elaborate gift-giving commercialism but there’s just something about that time of year where everything smells nice and it’s all peppermint and scarves and sweaters and hot cocoa and sparkly lights. I’m getting all excited just thinking about it.

  11. I have an extra bone in each ankle.

  12. Harry Potter saved my life.

  13. My guilty pleasures are 90s pop music, Power Rangers, pancakes with peanut butter and syrup, and the “Geeky” tag on Pintrest.

  14. When I’m in relationships, I am a notorious jacket and t-shirt thief. I love to steal boyfriends’ clothes, it’s incredibly comforting and I like that feeling of closeness.

  15. I have a crush on a lot of fictional characters including Aladdin, Neville Longbottom, and Ezio Auditore from the Assassin’s Creed games.

Yay that was fun. I feel like maybe you know more about me now, so that’s a good start. I promise that tomorrow’s post will have more substance to it. Thanks, for those of you who stuck in there through all of that.