{Writing Wednesday} – “I Don’t Think You Understand”


Writing Prompts. Every writer has used them at some point in their career, (whether willingly or not.) They’re like an adrenaline shot to your muse. You know, usually.

Looking for a way to keep our writing fresh and versatile, my friend Anna and I are going to be starting a prompt inspired post that we call Writing Wednesday.



Breakdown: Every first and third Wednesday of the month, on both Anna’s blog and mine, we’ll post a prompt that we’ve either found or come up with ourselves, as well as our own flash fiction or short story for that prompt. Please feel free to join us! Just make sure that when you post, you link your work back – and comment with a link – to one of ours so everyone can read yours too!


PROMPT: First line – “I don’t think you understand.”

(From @WritingPrompt)

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I Am Alive!

Wow, so I kind of fell off the face of the earth there for a while… Sorry about that guys, I really have no excuse. Truth be told, this is sort of what happens every time I try to start a blog. I make it a short while and then all of the ambition leaves me in a tidal wave and I completely disappear for months on end, only to re-emerge with a sad sob story about my life being busy and whatnot.

Well, if we’re being frank, my life has been a little busy. After I got back from London it was closing in on finals week at school and I picked up a secondary schooling as well (yes, two schools at once, I’m clearly insane.) I finished my novel while on my trip and have spent a great deal of time in editing and sending out queries to agents and publishers. On top of that things got crazy at work – political nonsense I won’t bore you with – and I fell into a severe holiday slump. Finally, after weeks away it was just way too easy to stay lazy and not bother. That might make me a bad person, but at least I’m an honest one.

I feel especially bad though because I promised everyone a nice big blog post about my trip to London, and it never came. Epic fail on my part. I still intend to write one, I promise. It was an amazing trip and such a breath-taking experience that I definitely want to share it with everyone. Look forward to that coming – eventually.

Anyway, just wanted to check in and let everyone know that I am, in fact, still among the living. I’m deep in the throes of Camp NaNoWriMo at the moment so my time is a bit strapped, but look forward to new and exciting things coming next month.


The Post-Holiday Slump

So I promised you all a bunch of posts when I got back from my trip to London. I’ve now been back for a week and a half, and what have I given you?


This is literally the first time I’ve even opened up a new post to start writing. I just haven’t been able to think of words to put down on paper. It’s not easy, translating all of the amazing feelings and experiences into words.

But oh boy, was it an amazing experience.

The truth of it all is, I’ve been in a post-holiday slump. I haven’t wanted to work on anything. Not my job, or my novel, or even this silly little blog. I don’t want to knuckle down and deal with reality, because I just experienced a surreal ten days that were so unlike anything I’ve ever known. Everything was new and fresh and exciting. Even just getting up in the morning was fun – and that’s saying something, because I am not a morning person.

I walked down cobbled roads through buildings older than my entire country. I wandered through the Tower of London and saw Buckingham Palace at sunset. I lived in a culture so different from my own, a world of royalty and history. I shopped in Covent Garden and saw a play in Piccadilly Circus.

After all of that, can you blame me for being a bit grudging about coming back to the real world?

The thing is, I have to come back. I have to embrace the fact that my holiday is over and it’s time to move on. There are bills to pay and exams to study for, and all of the drudgery of real life is crushing in on me. I’m home and it’s done.

The memories, though, well those are what make even this horrible post-holiday drag worth it.

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Shameless Self-Promotion

Yep, that’s right, I’m going to try and pimp myself – or well, my book anyway.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m an aspiring author working to get my first novel published. I’ve mentioned it a few times before on here, including posting a cover and summary.  It’s a Young Adult novel called, “The Truths and Lies of Happily Ever Afters,” which is a glimpse into what happens when our fairy tale fantasies start to pollute our real life romances.

I’ve just posted a few more chapters online today and if anyone is interested in reading it, please do and let me know what you think.

The Truths and Lies of Happily Ever Afters

(Update: As of Sept 30, 2015, the site I published my work on – Authonomy.com – has officially gone offline. When I find a new home for my novels, I will update the link accordingly.)

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Small Talk

Hello… ello… ello… ello

That was supposed to be an echo, in case you couldn’t tell.

So hey, it’s been a while since I’ve actually just sat down and written a blog post. Like, a LONG while. This is just how I am with blogging. I do really awesome for a while, write a dozen posts in a day, and then I taper off until I haven’t posted anything in a month.

Normally this is the point where I give up. I decide I’m clearly bored and what’s the point, it’s not like anyone was really that invested in what I had to say anyway. And that’s why I have a half dozen blogs across the internet with a handful of posts and a mound of dust inches deep on top of them.

Except I’m not letting that happen this time. It’s not just because this time I actually have a few followers (creeping closer to 100 every day…) but because for the first time I am really feeling the benefits of having a blog. It’s great for networking, for putting me in touch with people who have similar interests.

And it’s great to just have an excuse to sit and write.

I mean, I’m a novelist who is currently out of a day job, so I spend a lot of time just sitting and writing, but you know what I mean.

So here I am, just sitting and writing. I don’t know what I’m going to write about. I suppose I could write some inspiring post about how important it is to stick to your goals and knuckle under through the low points so you can enjoy the high times. But haven’t we all heard that one a thousand times already?

I made cookie dough for dinner. Just thought I’d add that in there. Clearly the low points in my diet aren’t going as well as the low points in my blogging.

Oh so in less than two weeks I’m leaving for a spring break trip in the UK. I’ll definitely write some posts about that when I get back, including some pictures hopefully if I can figure out how to get them onto my computer.

Tech savvy, I am not.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say for now. Not like things are really exciting around here, which certainly isn’t helping the “coming up with things to blog about” scene, but hey, it’s life. You gotta take the low points with the high ones.

And sometimes you just gotta eat cookie dough.

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