Nicki Simpson

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Nicole “Nicki” Anne Simpson (born August 19, 1989) is a reluctantly-American writer, student, and city government paper-pusher. She is most famous for her prolific online fanfiction writing career and for being a graceless wonder.

Early Life and Education

Nicki was born in Murray, Utah to single mother Tonya. She lived in West Valley with her mother and grandmother until 1994 when her mother married police officer Rick Simpson. Later that same year her younger sister, Ashley, was born. She attended public school in West Valley City until 1999 when the family relocated to Grantsville, Utah. She graduated from Grantsville High, where her classmates included no one of great report so far, in 2007 with high honors in the arts and humanities.

She attended the College of Eastern Utah from 2007-2009 on an academic scholarship and graduated in 2009 with high honors and an Associates of the Arts degree in English Language and Literature. After attending Utah State University for a year, she transferred to The University of Utah, where she studied for a year before finally transferring to Southern New Hampshire University online, where she is currently in her senior year of a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing.

Career and Writing

Nicki’s career has contained nothing of great consequence yet. She has worked a long string of menial, minimum-wage level jobs including multiple convenience stores and a Walmart. Currently she is working for the city police department, in a job that is essentially a glorified secretary.

Online, Nicki is most popular for writing a s*** ton of fanfiction for multiple fandoms, spanning from Disney movies to Syfy channel shows to cult favorites like Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

At the moment she is trying to steer her writing more towards her professional career. In terms of original fiction, she writes primarily young adult fiction and epic fantasy series. Her focus right now is on what will be her début novel, a young adult book entitled, “The Truths and Lies of Happily Ever Afters.”

She is also a two time winner of National Novel Writing Month, has earned several honorable mentions in writing competitions, and has had a short story published in the College of Eastern Utah’s “Nighthawk Review” literary journal.

Personal Life

Nicki lives in Utah due to financial restraints that prevent her from pursuing life in more exciting quarters of the world, and is currently enjoying the life of a single young woman. She has no children, but she does have a pair of identical twin kittens name Aurora and Rayne that she loves and hates in equal measure – as is normal with cats – and a welsh pembroke corgi named Hermione Jean who lives with her parents because the apartment complex won’t allow the dog. In her free time she writes, sings (wildly off key) and plans vacations that she doesn’t have the money to take. She is an avid Harry Potter fan, Nerdfighter, and theatre junkie. Her dreams include publishing novels, travelling the world, and seeing a Starkid play live. And one day she will live in either London or New York, depending on how difficult the UK immigration department makes it on her…

Also after writing all of this, she’s going to spend the rest of the day talking in third person, which will inevitably lead to some really awkward moments. Oops.


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