Small Talk

Hello… ello… ello… ello

That was supposed to be an echo, in case you couldn’t tell.

So hey, it’s been a while since I’ve actually just sat down and written a blog post. Like, a LONG while. This is just how I am with blogging. I do really awesome for a while, write a dozen posts in a day, and then I taper off until I haven’t posted anything in a month.

Normally this is the point where I give up. I decide I’m clearly bored and what’s the point, it’s not like anyone was really that invested in what I had to say anyway. And that’s why I have a half dozen blogs across the internet with a handful of posts and a mound of dust inches deep on top of them.

Except I’m not letting that happen this time. It’s not just because this time I actually have a few followers (creeping closer to 100 every day…) but because for the first time I am really feeling the benefits of having a blog. It’s great for networking, for putting me in touch with people who have similar interests.

And it’s great to just have an excuse to sit and write.

I mean, I’m a novelist who is currently out of a day job, so I spend a lot of time just sitting and writing, but you know what I mean.

So here I am, just sitting and writing. I don’t know what I’m going to write about. I suppose I could write some inspiring post about how important it is to stick to your goals and knuckle under through the low points so you can enjoy the high times. But haven’t we all heard that one a thousand times already?

I made cookie dough for dinner. Just thought I’d add that in there. Clearly the low points in my diet aren’t going as well as the low points in my blogging.

Oh so in less than two weeks I’m leaving for a spring break trip in the UK. I’ll definitely write some posts about that when I get back, including some pictures hopefully if I can figure out how to get them onto my computer.

Tech savvy, I am not.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say for now. Not like things are really exciting around here, which certainly isn’t helping the “coming up with things to blog about” scene, but hey, it’s life. You gotta take the low points with the high ones.

And sometimes you just gotta eat cookie dough.

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