Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.


She exhaled heavily, watching the way her breath and the smoke curled together in wispy tendrils against the cold morning air. It was that deepest part of the night just before the sky would begin to lighten with the first traces of sunrise, and she enjoyed the silence and solitude. This was her time.

For all intents and purposes, she looked rather like the sort of person who thrived in the late hour. Despite her Hispanic heritage, she had wound up with a rather pale complexion and her black hair was clearly dyed – her brown roots were beginning to show; she was due for another colouring soon. She took a draw on her cigarette and fiddled with the flesh-tone plug in her left ear. Stupid bureaucrats made her take out her piercings, said they didn’t look professional. Like she looked more professional with enormous skin-coloured plastic discs in her ears and pinprick holes along her lips.

A train rolled down the tracks beside the car lot and sent a rush of wind her way. She shuddered and tugged up the sagging waistband of her jeans to cut off the draft. God it would be such a relief when winter was finally over. She couldn’t stand this cold weather.

Taking a deep drag on her cigarette, she watched the little orange glow crawl up the paper until it reached the filter. She flicked it away into the darkness and entertained herself by blowing the stream of smoke out of her nose. The swirling twists of gray spiralled in the air until they faded into the navy sky.

Well, smoke break over. Back to work.

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