Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen

Write a post inspired by your sixteenth birthday.


“Knock knock.”

I open my eyes blearily, stretching languidly beneath the blankets and then rolling onto my back. The door to my bedroom is open an inch and through it I can see three different eyes watching me – two blue and a green. When they see that I’m awake the door opens wider and suddenly my room is filled with bodies and the smell of warm baking.

“Happy birthday!”:The three of them chorus together.

I sit up and the smile that takes over my face is instantaneous. “Thanks guys,” I say eagerly, my eyes falling on the hot pink sheet-board cake. Happy Sweet Sixteen Baby is scrawled on the top in curly white icing and there’s a semi-circle of sparkly candles above it. It’s obvious that my mum made it herself – the B in baby is a bit lop-sided and the icing is thicker on the left side – but it still makes my heart swell.

“C’mon, make a wish,” Mum says cheerfully and she comes around to sit on the edge of the bed. She holds out the cake proudly and grins at me over the flickering candles.

“Okay,” I say and nod. I close my eyes, thinking over the list of birthday wishes I’ve been making over the last year. This is it, D-day. Which one do I pick?

“This year, Sunshine,” my brother teases. “Before the candles melt all over the cake.”

I open one eye and stick my tongue out at him. Then I take a deep breath, squint at the candles, and blow. I watch hopefully as the flames wink out one after another, and finally the last one gutters to its death.

“Yay!” Mum cheers. She beams at me, wiping a bit of frosting off on her finger and rubbing it on my nose. “Means your wish’ll come true.” I smile, rubbing the frosting off onto the heel of my hand and licking it up. It’s sugary and creamy – buttercream, my favourite.

“Our little baby, sixteen,” Da says, his arms folded over his chest and his eyes looking a bit watery.

Sixteen. Sixteen years old. My mind goes back to my wish and I bite my lip, looking at one of the half-melted candles. 

This is going to be a good year.

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