Up, Up, and Away


Let’s be honest here, we’ve all thought about it. Don’t deny it, you know you have. Everyone does at some point or another, probably more than they’d care to admit.

If you could have any superpower in the world, which one would you want?

As a comic book fan, fantasy geek, and all around incredibly nerdy person, I’ve thought about this a lot. Like, a lot. Way more than is probably healthy, really. I mean I’ve even gotten in full fledged arguments with people about what the right answer should be.

Super strength or superhuman reflexes would make for an incredible sports career. Telepathy would be pretty nice for poker night. Every teenage boy wishes he could have the power of invisibility to take a peek in the girls’ locker room.

And as someone currently suffering from a pretty bad round of the flu, I would kill for Wolverine’s incredible healing abilities right now.

Now we all know, practicality-wise, telekinesis would be a pretty great skill to have. Hell, you can move things around without budging a muscle. Think of all those times you sit down only to realise you left the remote on the other side of the sofa. Or you’ve just gotten warm and snuggled into bed, but the lights are still on. Wouldn’t it be handy to just flick a finger and have that remote fly to you or that light magically turn itself off?

Another really popular one is flight. It would definitely make the daily commute easier – no more waiting in morning traffic.  No more cramped economy flights, which is always a plus when travelling. Add to that the pure adrenaline rush of the actual flying and you’ve got yourself a pretty enjoyable trip. And then there’s the fact that it would help with getting the perfect suntan.

Personally though, my superpower of choice is teleportation. All of the freedom and travel possibilities of flying but without the bugs in your teeth. Not to mention that flying would get cold with all that wind and atmosphere. No, I prefer the idea of being able to simply pop up wherever I please. Want to have pizza for lunch? Pop to Italy. Breakfast beneath the Eiffel Tower? Pop.

I love the idea of teleportation because it is like flying but with instant gratification. No wait, no travel times, no worrying about getting soaked by a low-hanging cloud or choking on smog.

What’s your superpower of choice?

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