A Mother’s Gift | An Original Poem

Skulking beneath your crinkled foil coat,
Lurking and waiting,
Impatiently hoping,
And all the while clouding my conscience.

You were brought in great honor;
A noble gift,
A motherly affection,
But you send fearful chills up my spine.

All yellow and green and brown,
The foul colors
In a soup of gray,
Like bile or brains in a cheap horror film.

And your image fits with your smell:
Moist, rot, and decay.
A nasal assassin,
This reeking enemy of the nose.

In good faith you were accepted
With false smiles
And empty thanks,
Before you were stashed away.

I pushed you to the back shelf,
Behind drinks
And edible treats,
Where your metallic shield could be hidden.

Still I cannot forget you are there,
Waiting and lurking,
Silently crying,
And gnawing away at my mind.

I want to just be rid of you now,
To trash you,
Or drown you
And watch you sink down the disposal.

Of course she’d know what I’d done.
She’s a mother,
She would just know.
And the shame and guilt stay my hand.

So for now you still haunt my fridge;
As a monster,
Or a smelly ghost,
But perhaps tomorrow will be your demise.

Yes, perhaps tomorrow…

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