Two Birds, One Stone | An Original Poem

I sit in my window and look to outside,
Where a pair of red robins flutter and glide.

I’ve always wondered, two birds with one stone.
How to take out birds two with one rock alone.

My big brother bets that it can’t be done,
And the ten dollar bribe got me out in the sun.

They chatter and bounce and jitter and pop.
It does seem unreal their heads I could bop.

I finger the pebble I’ve scooped from the ground,
A coarse chunk of earth that’s not even round.

I know my task is fruitless and even quite folly,
For this chip could not kill those birds near the holly.

With a half hearted move, I toss it away.
A better weapon is needed to battle this prey.

The targets have lighted where I’ve spread out the seed,
In a spot of warm grass and dandelion weed.

As I start t’ward the place where the little birds jump,
I find my great power beside a tree stump.

I pick up my tool, a wide and flat rock,
And its scarred visage resembles a clock.

How fitting an end to the birds’ happy rhyme,
A ruthless demise ‘neath the forces of time.

In a movement so quick you could call it a fling,
I hurl the villainous, treacherous thing.

The birds just keep eating the seeds from the treads
Despite the disc sailing t’ward their downy heads.

With a crunch and a thud, a grind and a splat,
Two birds with one stone; well, I guess that is that.

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