Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

Everyone has their special place where they do their best thinking. Some people need absolute quiet while others need constant background noise. Some people think in the shower or while driving or while laying in bed. Some even do their best brainstorming while in the loo. It all comes down to personal preference and our individual quirks of personality.

For me, thinking is synonymous with writing. And my favourite place for writing is on the train.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about that rushing, forward momentum and the hum of voices and the grinding of the wheels on the rails that just puts my muse into overdrive. When I have an hour or so to kill between classes, or between school and work, I like to jump on the train and ride it from end to end. I’ll tuck myself into the back corner of a car, pull out a notebook and pen, and just write.

That’s my other caveat when it comes to really getting some writing done: it has to be handwritten. I do the majority of my writing on the computer out of convenience, but when I really want to get into my writing, or when I’m trying to power through writer’s block, I prefer the feel of writing things out by hand. It forces me to really think about what I’m writing down beforehand because I can’t just hit the backspace button and try over. It helps me keep track of my progress.

Of course that means when I write on the train, the jostling turns my already questionable handwriting into pure chicken scratch.

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