The Ballad of the Starfruit

When closing time comes
At the grocery stores
The employees all leave
And lock up the doors.

What we humans don’t know
Is that every night,
The produce awakens when
We turn out the light.

In these hours of darkness
Grew the story I tell
Of the epic romance
‘Tween Pam and Lyell.

From the same family of Citrus
But different sides of the name,
Their love was forbidden
Yet grew just the same.

Lyell, Prince of Lemons,
With skin yellow bright.
And Pam the Pineapple,
Spiked top a bold sight.

In a dark hidden corner
Of their family produce cart,
They met in love secret
To feed the other’s heart.

Lyell’s refined nature
Tempted Pam’s mind,
And her wild spirit
Seduced him in kind.

In the nature of such things,
Love proved its grand worth
When dear Pam discovered
She was to give birth.

Born in quiet secret
And then christened Star,
This new unique fruit
Came across as bizarre.

Her mother’s pointed skin
She did proudly wear
But Lyell’s sour taste
Did she also share.

When the humans returned
They found a surprise.
‘Tween lemon and pineapple
A starfruit did lie.

So ends the grand tale
Of a romance divine,
And the creation of starfruit,
Surely one of a kind.

English: Ripe Carambolas, or starfruit, the fr...

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