List de la Bucket

Everyone should have a bucket list. Whether you write it down or not, it’s something that every person should at least think about. Goals to accomplish, skills to learn, places to visit. Bucket lists are a motivation, something that give us things to look forward to and reach for.

I’ve never actually written my bucket list down before, but I decided to try this morning. I wrote down all of the ones I could think of that I haven’t done yet, and was surprised by how many things I meant to put before realising I’ve already done them. It was encouraging and made me feel like I’ve made some progress. Checking anything off gives a sense of accomplishment. I’m going to post this here and every time I finish one of these I’ll come back and scratch it through so we can keep track together.


  • Publish a YA novel.

  • Publish a Fantasy novel.

  • Visit London.  Completed March 2014

  • Visit New Zealand.

  • Visit Barcelona.

  • Visit Greece.

  • Visit Tokyo.

  • Visit Brazil.

  • Visit Argentina.

  • See the Taj Mahal.

  • Go on a Mediterranean cruise.

  • See “Wicked” on Broadway or at West End. Completed August 2014

  • See “Beauty and the Beast” on Broadway or at West End.

  • Go sky-diving.

  • Go cliff diving.

  • Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

  • See the Grand Canyon.

  • Learn a second language.

  • Learn the major constellations.

  • Swim with dolphins or sea turtles.

  • Go parasailing.

  • Go white-water rafting.

  • Bungee Jump.

  • Hold a monkey.

  • Zip line.

  • Pet a sea lion.

  • Ride an elephant.

  • Stand in a cave behind a waterfall.

  • Kiss in the rain.

  • See a volcano.

  • Ride a horse.

  • Ride in a horse and carriage.

  • Make a snowman.

  • Get married.

  • Adopt a child.

  • Give a signed copy of my novel to my favourite teacher.

  • Put change in someone’s expired meter.

  • Plant a tree.

  • Go vegetarian for a month.

  • Donate bone marrow.

  • Adopt an injured/handicapped animal.

  • Complete a marathon.

  • Learn to crochet and make a scarf/hat.

  • Get a bachelor’s degree.

  • Learn to play the piano.

  • Learn sign language.

  • Read 100 classic novels. (22/100)

  • Buy lingerie.

  • Try escargot.

  • Try absinthe.

  • Do a body shot.

  • Receive a fan letter.

  • Attend Vidcon.

  • Attend LeakyCon.

  • Meet John Green & Hank GreenMet Hank June 2014

  • Meet J.K. Rowling.

  • Take singing lessons.

  • Try a pole dancing class.

  • Invent a new word.

  • Send a message in a bottle.

  • Learn to whistle.

  • Try laser tag.

  • Learn to fence.

  • Get a belt in karate or tae kwon do.

  • Ride a segway.

  • Ride on a motorbike.

  • Ride on a double-decker bus.

  • Ride a cable car.

  • Visit a castle.

  • Visit a lighthouse.

  • Visit the Great Pyramids.

  • Go on a road trip.

  • Spend a weekend at a Bed and Breakfast.

Any essential life things you think I’ve missed? Leave them in the comments below!


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