Ignorance is Not Bliss | Daily Prompt: You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

What is your least favorite personal quality in others?

To put it generally, I hate stupid people.

That sounds horrible, but like I said, it is a generalisation. Honestly the thing that I hate most in a person is ignorance. In my mind, ignorance isn’t so much just the lack of knowledge on a subject but a refusal to learn anything about it. The majority of the greatest social conflicts in the world come from close-minded people refusing to even consider the possibility that there is more to a subject than what they already know.

(Let’s be specific here: I’m talking about subjects that have a definitive right or wrong. I acknowledge that there are some subjects where it is purely opinion and no one can know, for sure, either way – i.e. the arguments of religion.)

I will admit that I have biases of my own. There are some subjects I am less informed on. I don’t understand the majority of what goes on in the world politically, and that’s my choice. My concerns are far more fixated on the social world than the political one and there’s nothing wrong with that decision.

But see, the place where I’m different than other people is that I know that I know nothing about politics, and because of that I don’t engage in political arguments. I never go into a confrontation unless I know that I can discuss the topic with at least a basic understanding of both sides.

So what I really can’t stand are close-minded arguers. People who don’t understand the intellectual side of a debate and merely want to make their opinions known. (My dad is one of these people. I try to have a fun debate and it turns into a knock-down-drag-out verbal brawl. Drives my mom mental.)

C’mon people, learn to use a little civility in discussion, could we? It’d make my world a little brighter đŸ™‚ Please. It’s Christmas, after all.


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