Love’s Sweet Symphony | An Original Poem

Love isn’t something that can just be said and that’s that.

Love is something deeper,

something stronger,

something so much more internal.

Love is like a music

that plays within you.

Strong, sweet chords of music.

When you are with the one you love

you feel the music in your mind,

the tempo synchronized

with the beating of your heart.

Beautiful chords as radiant as the purest gold

and as sweet as summer’s rain.

When he takes your hand in his

the music picks up pace,

flares triumphantly,

the trumpeting call of pleasure,

His arms enfold you in an embrace.

The music swells again.

As you feel his heart

beating against yours,

your two musics combine,


a flawlessly balanced melody

resounding of the joined

harmony of the masculine and feminine divinity.

Yin and Yang.

You separate slightly,

softly his lips brush yours.

The music strengthens into

a trembling crescendo,

turning as crystalline as diamonds

dazzling you

like a ray of unadulterated sunlight

upon your face.

The pounding of the music

in your ears

so intense

every other thought seems

to weave and succumb

to its power.

Over the blasting waves of music

you hear him

softly whisper three words.

I love you.

The music calms,

the crescendo finished.

All is well again

you know his words are true.

The sincerity in each note of

the symphony your hearts just played

allows no doubt on this.

Then he’s slipping away.

Your good-byes are through.

His music and yours


as his hand slides off yours.

Your physical contact


The music continues

playing in your heart

but softly now,

just loud enough

for you to know its there.

The quiet melody

carries you through the day

until you are together again.

Yet deep within the chords

of your song

you feel several notes

that are not

your own…

This eternal connection,

this everlasting music,

is proof of your affections.

This is Love.


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