Bare Necessities

I’m a straight up smart ass. Whenever people ask me what items I would take with me to a deserted island, you know what my first answer always is?

download     That’s right. A boat.

The honest truth is that I simply cannot imagine the possibility of living on a deserted island. I wouldn’t survive a day unless those items I could take would include a house with great wifi and a computer. And a professional chef, because I can’t cook to save my life. Literally, in this circumstance. So I suppose there’s four of the things I’d take to this imaginary island.

Oh, and a good air-con system for the house, because I don’t like heat. There we go!

1. Little house.

2. Great wifi.

3. Computer system.

4. Chef.

5. Air-con.

Wow, I’m living big.

Clearly I’m not big on the idea of living on a deserted island. But I do like the concept of thinking about what things in the world are most important to me. Even my ridiculous little list all points toward one goal in my survival.

I’ve built myself a writer’s paradise.

I have my own little secluded space where I can write without interruption, a comfortable little place of my own. Really the only thing that doesn’t fit is the addition of the chef, but in the end that means that I have someone to make sure I stop writing and eat every once in a while.

So when it comes down to it, we can all see what is the most important thing for me: my writing.

And here I always thought I was a complicated person.


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