I Believe In…

There are a lot of reasons to be cynical in this world. Bad things happen all the time and good people get hurt. All of those fairy tales we hear as a child promise us that good will always win, but in the end it doesn’t always work out that way. We lose. We fail. The bad guys win and we can’t make sense of the whole world could possibly be so unfair. We start to lose faith in the good things of the world.

I’m as cynical as they come but here are ten things that I believe in unequivocally.

hearts gif

1. Love – It may not be the fantastic, happily ever after sort that we see in all of the stories but it’s out there. It’s real and powerful and if we’re patient and look for long enough then we can all find it. It starts with loving yourself and grows to include others.

2. Knowledge & Curiosity – There is nothing more powerful in improving a person than gaining knowledge. Never stop asking questions, never worry that your questions will make you look stupid, and never stop learning new things.

e8e78-rainbowgif3. Miracles – Sometimes things just happen. There is no rationalising it. It might have been a coincidence. But sometimes good things don’t need to be “made sense of,” they’re simply wonderful things. Don’t question it, just embrace the magic.

4. The Power of Self – Nothing in the world is more powerful than you. Encourage it, embrace it, and use it. It makes everything attainable with a little nerve and persistence. There is no more important relationship than the one you make with yourself.

21424-equalgif5. Equality – It doesn’t matter who you are: man, woman, gay, straight, religious, atheist, white, brown, purple. In the end, beneath everything, we are all the same. We can all accomplish the same things if we’re just given the chance to try. There is no winning argument for discrimination.

6. The Soul – Science can explain so many  things about a person, from appearance to certain personality traits, but there’s always that one piece that can’t be explained. The Why. Why do they do the things they do? That is the soul, and we all have an unique one.


7. Creativity – That drive to build new things, to dip into the mind and indulge in pure creation. To write, to paint, to dance, to make. Creativity is what inspires us to delve into new worlds. It’s what’s brought around every great innovation  and should never be dissuaded.

8. Beauty – Whether it’s in art or in nature or even just in simple everyday things, beauty is all around us. It’s in the things that make your heart swell and cause a feeling of peace and adoration and divinity. It makes us better.


9. Empathy – This one’s pretty common sense, really. Wouldn’t the whole world be a better place if we just empathise with each other more? Tried to understand and not be so quick to judge? I think so.

10. Respect – The ability to appreciate others for the good things they’ve done and the greatness that they have inside of them. It’s not putting people down, it’s lifting them up. It’s called respecting one another, and it’s a thing, people. Use it.

What do you  believe in?


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